05 Jul 2018

How To Promote Your Business With Keywords

You already know once you identify the best keywords and keyword phrases relating to your business, it’s important to use them in your promotional and marketing activities as well as on your website itself. There are a number of relatively simple ways to do this.

First, you can write articles about topics relating to your business (making sure to include the appropriate keyword phrases within the article text), and submit them to publication directories like Ezine Articles (www.ezinearticles.com) and GoArticles (www.goarticles.com). This can be a great way to get additional exposure for your website, because these kinds of websites get very large amounts of traffic every day.

Be careful, though. If you’ve already published an article on your own website, you shouldn’t spend any time submitting the same article to a publication directory. Internet search engines ignore “duplicate content” from or linked to a particular website. You can always rewrite, modify or update your previously-published articles, of course, and as long as they are sufficiently different from the original, they will help your search engine ranking.

One key part of the submission process is that you can upload a short biography of yourself to go along with the article itself. In this biography, you can include a couple of links directly to your website. One of your links will likely point directly to the webpage that you want the reader to go to immediately after they read your article.

Make sure that when you first create your user profile on the article directory site, you add a professional-looking picture of yourself if that option is available. Having this picture included in your biography at the end of the article can go a long way to creating a more personal relationship between you and your prospective customers. A picture also draws attention to the biography, which makes it more likely that a prospect will click on one of your links (which is ultimately the entire purpose of submitting the article to the directory).

Another great way to use your keyword phrases is by associating them with online videos. Online video is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways of business promotion. Take a little time to create a simple video that somehow relates to your business, or to your market niche. One popular format is the “how to” video – depending on how much time you’re able to spend, you could also do a series of “how to” videos to keep drawing in potential customers.

Your goal is to upload these videos onto popular sites like YouTube (www.youtube.com) and MetaCafe (www.metacafe.com), and as part of this process, you’ll need to come up with a title, description, and list of tags for each video. Not surprisingly, the title, description and tags will all be based upon (or contain) the keyword terms and phrases that you’re targeting. You can also use free tools like TubeMogul (www.tubemogul.com), which is a bulk video uploader, to make sure you’re getting the widest distribution and viewership as possible.

Once you get into the habit of preparing and distributing promotional articles and videos that use your target keywords, you’ll find it much easier to do so on a regular basis. This will lead to an increase in the targeted traffic that comes to your site, which in turn will boost your website’s bottom line.