21 Dec 2017

How To Develop an attention grabbing advertising content

Seven days back, I was sitting with one of my close friend. He (Amritansh) is associated with a leading media management company at the capacity of Marketing Head. We were discussing and remembering our childhood memories.
The discussion was very realistic and we forgot about everything. That moment grabbed our complete attention which created a virtual image of our childhood in our eyes. Meanwhile in between the discussion Amritansh got a call from one of his client. That client asked him to help them in developing attention seeking ad content for their upcoming product and something interesting happened there.

While discussing, Amritansh put a very amazing question to the client.

Amritansh: Do you want to develop attention seeking ad content or attention grabbing ad content?


That question clicked my mind and shifted focus of our discussion to the hot question: What is the main difference between these two – Attention seeking ad displays vs Attention grabbing ad displays. We discussed over it for approx 30 minutes and finally he cleared all of doubts by showing some live examples. That discussion inspired me to write an article over it.

Before I begin the interesting journey of blowing how to develop attention grabbing advertising content let me tell you the difference between attention seeking and attention grabbing ad content with an example.

Audi and Mercedes are the leading and most luxurious brands in the domain. Below is the pic in which marketing analysts from both these companies put their hard efforts to display their upcoming product.

You can feel the difference. Audi is the clear winner in the race as display is much clear, less distraction, clear message, It means high attention grabbing / eye catching. While Mercedes display is on second priority to the viewers that seeks the attention.

Now come to the point and start elaborating further how to develop attention grabbing ad content.

If you are to write a successful attention grabbing advert design than you have to work on catching the viewers attention at the very first sight. Viewers flicker through the billboards, notice boards, display ads and brochures like they go through a news magazine and not how the viewers are going to read books with a deep concentration. It may not necessary that the viewer views each and every pixel of the adverts; hence, each pixel or line should be in effective manner and should pass out a clear message. So it is not only require to write logical content, but it should also be full of enough creativity.

First Point: Only specific and relevant content should be written in the advertisement. I know some content writers who fear missing out information and write as much data in the ad as they can. Access data in the ad will only disinterest the viewer and ad display space will be wasted. Ultimate purpose is lost. Like:


Your writing pattern should relate to the type of brochure, flier or display that is to be designed. It is usual for the readers to read skipping lines in between and there is always a possibility that readers may read the content from bottom to top. I hereby suggest to use words that  brand and sell. But still, the developed content should be efficiently organized with the clear heading at the top, relevant body in the mid of the structure and finally conclusion at the bottom. You can write principal points as sub-headings, in bold font weight. The ad content body following the sub-heading should discuss the sub-heading or any other sub-heading used, even those points should be discussed accordingly. If you need to discuss a product from the technical point of view, it should not be that much technical that sounds like an alien language to the audience.

Another technique that can be used is “Chucking”. Chucking is writing short stories with a solid conclusion at the bottom. These chucks can either have or not have connection in between. It is better if they are not connected to each other, because it won’t require the viewer to go back to the previous chunk in order to understand the current chunk he is going through. This approach works quite well when there are descriptor graphics in the ad and the chunk illustrates the picture. The two-dimensional picture is speechless until and unless some well-chosen words talks about it and motivates the viewer. Obviously, while chucking, sub-headings can be used to let out some critical information. Another point to be considered here is the main product or a company about which the content is related to. Suppose if the brochure that is to be designed is related to a corporate client, the style of writing & designing should be in formal manner.

Our prime focus should be on avoiding spelling to the maximum extent. These mistakes project poor quality and bring lower reputation to the client. The developed design should speak loudly and clearly about the organization being represented. Illogical, unclear and cluttered information creates an illusion with the company that are operating in the same domain with similar characteristics. Because of low investments, brochures, fliers and catalogues are the only and prime  source of advertisement for some businesses. Such type of business catalogues do not require much content writing, just writing product description will solve the purpose. Instead one is suggested to work on the font sizes, colors, etc.

Note: Sometimes brands use different types of branding tactics. Like: Snickers uses a spelling mistake ant got a lot of news coverage and article writings free of cost.

Our next step should be writing contact information so as to buy the product; detailed data forms are big turn-off. Organization’s contact details, postal address and URL to the website should be clearly specified. It is suggested to include whether your organization accepts cash, check or credit card. Another point to be taken care of is the contact information written on the forms, which have to be mailed to the end users. It is always better to write the same on the advertisement also so that your customers can save the information for future references.

After the final content is written, it’s the time for organizing it. Depending on the requirement of the products, arrange the final content in hierarchical structure, specially when designing a catalogue. Because each and every  product should get the attention and consideration they deserve.

Below are few examples of few advertisement displays with short & clear cut message with highest possible creativity.

Writing an attention grabbing advertising content


Preferably it is a good habit to note down all the procedures, which have been applied to every kind of advertisements written so far. You should also save the data and information like what viewers were targeted with what kind of adverts, to use to the exact same kind of logic the next time to similar viewers. This will help you to create blueprints for the upcoming future job.